If there is not a product in our range suitable for your application, why not take advantage of our bespoke service, and have a projecting or hanging sign custom made to your own specification?

By specialising in manufacturing only brackets, hangers and associated panels, we can offer a cost effective solution with a quick turnaround, all to a very high standard.

We work with all our sign trade customers from concept and design advice, through to fixing and mounting suggestions, utilising our proven experience in the design and manufacture of projecting signs.

Although steel is most commonly used, the brackets can be made from a wide range of materials, and the sign panels from aluminium or Foamex.

A wide level of finishes are available: bare metal, primer, zinc coated, powder coated or zinc coated and powder coated.

For a quote, please fax a sketch of your design to: 01202 463564. If possible, please include the following:

  1. Overall dimensions
  2. Any limiting factors e.g. limited mounting area
  3. Materials to be used
  4. Bracket and panel mounting positions
  5. Level of finish and colour required

For any help or advice, sales can be contacted on 01202 463573 orĀ enquire.